Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Eve of Training Camp!

First, Take a Flyer on Us would like to give a shout out to our three loyal followers, Katie, Kate and Adam.  Even though we are related to you all, we thank you and you guys Rock!!!!

Well over the last few weeks there has been an interesting development in the Flyer's lineup.  Billy Guerin, former Pittsburgh Penguin and player whose name I have cursed frequently, has been hanging around the Flyer's Skate Zone in Voorhees for the last few weeks.  Pittsburgh decided not to resign him towards the end of August.  He was visiting his father-in-law in Medford and his agent called the Flyers to ask if he could use SkateZone to get some ice time.  Next thing I know Twitter is ablaze with the news that Billy Guerin is skating with some of the Flyers and there are pictures of him in the Orange and the Black.  A couple days turns into a couple weeks.  Guerin seems to really like it here and it appears that many of the vetern players think there is a place for him on the team.  So the Flyer's decided to give him a chance to make the team in training camp with a tryout contract.  He is quoted at saying:

I really thought this would be a good fit for me,” Guerin told “Besides the logistics for my family and personal things, this is a good fit for me hockey-wise and probably the best out there with a chance to win. I’m in the twilight of my career and I want to win.”

I personally see this as a win-win for the Flyers. First based on what I have read, there is a very good chance that come October 7, 2010 when the Flyer's play the Pen's, Guerin could be on the ice. And you have to appreciate the irony that his first game as a Flyer would be against his former team. Second he would give us some added depth at right wing. And it makes camp more interesting. Some players are going to be challenged to keep their place on the team. I never see added competition as a bad thing.

Tonight I was watching Daily New Live on Comcast Sportsnet and they were talking to newly signed vetern defenseman Sean O'Donnell. I wasn't paying much attention at first and did a double take because I thought they were interviewing Johnny LeClair, the similarity is eerie. Anyway, he had great things to say about the team and why he decided to sign in Philly, the team's committment to winning and the chance they had last season. And he doesn't see why the Flyer's can't do even better this season. Gotta love that type of confidence.

The rookies reported on Sunday so they already started their camp. And everyone is hoping to be JVR and make the team out of camp. So that should be interesting to follow. Speaking of JVR, he has been training all summer and has put on some weight and muscle. He wants to be quicker and stronger this season so he can hold onto the puck better.

Tomorrow camp officially opens.  And even though June was only three months ago, it seems like it's been a really long time since we've seen some hockey.  And I really can't wait!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today is a good day

Today is the day all season ticket holders wait for - the day the tickets get delivered!!! It is one of my favorite days of September (My favorite being the day my daughter was born). But the arrival of the tickets mean we are that much closer to the beginning of the season. This year as one of our season ticket holder benefits we are going to see a practice followed by an autograph session. I am really looking forward to seeing them practice since I have never been to a practice. Which I admit as a fervent follower of the team,I should have done before this but we live in Reading and the practice facility is in Voorhees so it isn't easy to get there without some planning. But I am excited to see the new additions and the chemistry between the lines.

One thing I will not miss this summer is the daily speculation about Alexi Kovalchuk - will he stay a Devil, will he be a King, will he go to the KHL. It was enough to drive me crazy. I already stated that I am not a big fan of the salary cap. The craziness that surrounded the Kovy case is a good reason why. The teams that wanted him couldn't afford him without the crazy contract manipulation. At least they came to some sort of agreement between the League and the Player Association as to what stipulates a long term contract (over 5 years) and how it will count against the cap: if the contract spans over the age of 40, the average will be calculated upto and including age 40; ages 41 and beyond will be counted as the actual salary. For any contract that pays less than $1 million between the ages of 36-40, the salary amount will be raised to $1 million for purposes of calculating the average salary. In my opinion, this was a small consession for the Players Association to make in order to keep the league from decertifying squirrelly contracts already in existence such as Hossa's, Luongo's, and even our own Chris Pronger's.

But the season is close, the contract drama is done for now and I have gone back to my steady wardrobe of Orange and Black.