Thursday, July 21, 2011

Folding the Flyers Laundry (my laundry - not theirs!)

Today I was doing laundry and I got a little sad. First I folded a Richards t-shirt, then my Boosh shirt. Finally I was going through my daughters shirts and I found her Gagne t-shirt, her Carter sweatshirt and her Carter jersey. I remember the game where I bought her the jersey. Ironically it was against the Columbus Blue Jackets. We were winning the game but Columbus was playing well and had scored a few goals. I said to Mary while waiting for a face-off, we really needed to score. Mary, who was 7 at the time and believes that she has wizard powers, said "don't worry Mom, I've got this covered." Then she looked like she threw something out on the ice. I looked at her and said "what did you do?". She said very matter of factly "I threw magic Flyer dust on the ice.". Carter bent down to take the face-off and scored right off the face-off. At that moment she had the most incredulous look on her face as if she couldn't believe her magic worked. She screamed and jumped out of her seat to celebrate the goal, which was her favorite part of going to games, hearing the goal horn followed by Bro-Hymn (which has since been changed). But at that moment, Jeff Carter became her favorite player. After the game, we went down to Fan Gear, as we do after every game she goes to, and she ran up to the Carter jersey and asked for it. So being a sucker for both my daughter and the Flyers, I bought I for her. I figured she would get years of use out of it because it was a youth large and I didn't think Carter was going anywhere for a long time. When I found out Carter was traded, my first reaction was "how am I going to tell Mary?". Luckly we were at Disney and although she was visibly upset, at least she could go see Mickey and he would make it all better! It wasn't much easier to tell Rich about the Richards trade 35 minutes later.
But now we have another collection of gear of players who are no longer on the team - 2 Richards' jersey (at least one is signed and I can hang it up), 2 Carter jerseys, 2 Gagne jerseys, 2 Richards t-shirts, 1 Carter t-shirt and a really nice Carter sweatshirt.  So in 35 minutes, hundreds of dollars of Flyers gear became obsolete!
As a fan of professional sports teams, I realize this is part of the game.  Especially in a cap era where athletes are being paid outlandish sums of money.  I had to go through this with the Lindros fiasco, the Gagne trade and now Richards/Carter trades.  But when it comes down to it, I am a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers.  I may not always like the decisions they make, I may not always think they are right, but they are still the Flyers.  The Bullies of the Seventies, the teams in the Eighties, the Lindros Era, all of these teams have had their time and then it's gone and new players emerge.  That's the deal in sports.  That's why there are people at those games that have season tickets dating back to 1967, because they are a fan of the team and the sport.  It hurts like hell when your favorite play is gone.  And it's weird when they come back into the building to play in a different uniform.  I still like Gagne, Carter and Richards.  And I want them to do well - unless they are playing against my Flyers.

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