Friday, June 24, 2011

What the puck????

Well - I'm on vacation in Disney right now and since we are always in Disney on the verge of the NHL draft and beginning of free-agency (July 1) I always expect movement from te Flyers. A few weeks ago, the Flyers aquired the rights to Ilya Bryzgalov, the biggest soon-to-be free agent goalie this year. If you saw our performance in the playoffs, you realized that we weren't getting consistent goaltending. This was not the only reason we wee SWEPT by the now champion Boston Bruins but it certainly didn't help.
The NHL is in a salary cap era and we couldn't sign Bryz without moving salary first unless we waited to July 1 to sign him - which would have made trading for his rights a mostly moot point. Jeff Carter rumors have been swirling around the league for the past week. He is a desirable center with a deft scoring touch that has made him VERY attractive to many teams across the league. He also came with a pretty cap friendly 5.27 million cap hit. So it wasnttoo surprising when the news came across twitter yesterday that he was moved for a winger and a high draft pick in this years draft. What came as a complete
Shock was Richards move to LA about 30 minutes later (the time it took to walk from Tom Sawyers Island to the Hall of Presidents). In the course of about 45 minutes, Paul Holmgren changed the face of the Flyers franchise.
When I have access to a computer and not just my iPhone I will look at the trades more in depth. But for right now all I can say is - What the Puck??????